3 Colors for casting on, how to do that? That’s what I was wondering about, after I learned how to do the versions with 2 colors. I started trying out things, and this is what I figured out. It is not that hard, but you really have to pay attention to the order of the colors that you fold over and keep in the middle. Remember to click on the pictures if you want to see them full size. Index I’ve spread the tutorials about casting on over several pages. Click on the links for each subject. The cast on basics: click here to goRead More →

Update 2020 August 13: this page will be filled very soon, in a couple of days. Please watch the videos about Taniko that are already on my YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL0tHWoXKpGCRcg2styl4lthrw6W06SscLRead More →

The first row to anchor the warp threads As you have been reading  in the introduction, you will work with weft and warp threads. In this tutorial I show you the ‘standard’ way of anchoring the warp threads. We will work with weft threads in 2 colors . I will also show how to vary with the threads, and how to use 3 threads. I have splitted the first tutorial into 2 parts. First I show the principle, so you get a clear idea on how this works, and after that I show you how to keep this into your hands, so you have controlRead More →

I made an extensive tutorial for Fiberworks. This is software to create weaving designs. I did this by making lots of videos, for which I give the contents here below with a short description of the subjects per video. I’m still working on it, because this software offers so many possibilities, that it takes a while to prepare and record it. So there is more to come!   The version I use in the video’s is Fiberworks PCW (for Windows), version 4.2, Bronze.  Video 1: Introduction creating a new design opening files with weaving designs and some explaining about dtx, wif and des link toRead More →

Hi! The 2nd vlog and blog I made on my vacation address. I was in a village or little town, Montesquieu-Volvestre, where we often did our shopping for groceries, and on one of these trips we walked around a bit, and we passed a store where they sold all kinds of household stuff. In the window I saw several crafting supplies, and there I saw this mini weaving loom from Clover. Well, as a person that loves weaving a lot, I couldn’t resist to buy it, it just had to be added to my collection 🙂 . The next day I unpacked it at theRead More →