In this video I show how you can knit color patterns, like Fair Isle, but without the loops or floats at the back of the work. This has a couple of advantages, like more pattern possibilities, and I explain this all in this video. I show you the technique how to weave in the yarn that you don’t use for making a stitch while knitting with the other color. The technique is also known as ‘Locked Floats’.

The patterns that I show are not yet available at the moment of releasing this video (6 april 2022), but they will be in a couple of weeks.

The link to the video (or see on this page below):

The links to the videos with the techniques I used (Dutch spoken but with English subtitles):

  • Provisional Cast On with yarn:
  • Knit stitch (English method):
  • Knit stitch (Continental):
  • Purl stitch (English method):
  • Purl stitch (Continental):