3 Colors for casting on, how to do that?

That’s what I was wondering about, after I learned how to do the versions with 2 colors. I started trying out things, and this is what I figured out. It is not that hard, but you really have to pay attention to the order of the colors that you fold over and keep in the middle.

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I’ve spread the tutorials about casting on over several pages. Click on the links for each subject.

The steps

01-twist-first-2-colorsDecide in which order you want to have the colors showing up on top of your warp threads. I will do green, pink and blue. Interlock the threads halfways. Green, color 1, goes to the left.

02-add-third-colorThen add the third color, also halfways. 

03-position-threadsSince I want the pink to be color 2 and blue to be color 3, I spread the blue ones, so that the pink threads get to the middle.

04-add-first-warp-threadAdd the first warp thread. It goes over all 4 weft threads at the rigth side.

05-fold-over-color-1Spread the green threads and fold them to the right.

06-fold-color-2-to-leftRemember that the middle 2 threads have to go to the left, so it’s a brain exercise and to keep focused, because these threads try to twist and twist around each other 🙂 . Now remember that the blue ones have become the middle threads.

07-add-new-warp-threadTime to add the second warp thread. It goes over all 4 threads on the right.

08-fold-over-color-2Spread the pink threads and fold them to the right. Remember which color was in the middle? Yep, the blue ones.

09-fold-color-3-to-leftSo the blue ones go the left now, and green goes to the middle. Green in the middle, green in the middle, green in the middle…… Just telling how my mind goes when doing this 🙂

10-fold-over-first-warp-threadLike normal, now fold the first warp thread over, and bring it over the 4 threads at the right.

11-fold-over-color-3Folding blue over to the right. Green in the middle, green in the middle, green in the middle……

12-fold-color-1-to-leftNow green can go to the left. Pink in the middle, pink in the middle, pink in the middle……

13-add-new-warp-threadAdd the next warp thread. Pink in the middle, pink in the middle, pink in the middle……

14-fold-over-color-1Folding green over to the right. Pink in the middle, pink in the middle, pink in the middle……

Well, actually, if you are at this point, and you get confused about the order of the yarns, you could look at the order in which the colors lay in your weaving that you already did. Is the last warp thread covered with green? Then you know that the next V-shape has to be pink, so the pink threads should be in the middle. They are the ones that will be brought to the left, so that they will cover the next warp thread.

15-fold-color-2-to-leftPink to the left.

16-fold-over-second-warp-threadFold the left warp thread over.

17-fold-over-color-2Pink to the right. Remember the trick? Pink is folded over, next one should become a blue V-shape, so blue should be in the middle.

18-fold-color-3-to-leftBlue to the left.

19-result-frontAnd so on. This is the result of some weaving.

20-result-backAnd this is how it looks at the back.

Push the weaving up like described at the basic steps, first page of this tutorial. You are now ready to weave. Look in the menu for the Tāniko weaving tutorials.