Overview of the tutorials

This tutorial of the first 5 blocks is split into a couple of pages, so that you can go quickly to the page you need. Here you find the overview with the links.

  1. Choosing colors and crochet symbols: that’s this page
  2. The practice piece: click here to go the page
  3. Block 1, the middle part: click here to go the page
  4. The low border around block 1: click here to go the page
  5. Block 2, the first 2 rows: click here to go the page
  6. Block 2, the interwoven rows and the end border: click here to go the page
  7. Block 3: click here to go the page
  8. Block 4, with stitches on the front in row 1a: click here to go the page
  9. Block 5: click here to go the page
  10. The border: click here to go the page

Choosing colors and yarn usage per block

You could use the colors I used, but you could also choose your own of course. And you can choose as many colors as you like. The only advice I want to give is to stick to 1 background color (color 1). This makes it all come together.

Here I give you the usage of yarn per block, both for the ‘background’ color (color 1) and the different ‘foreground’ colors (color 2). Click here to download the chart for the usage of the yarn

If you want to get a kind of feeling how the colors that you want to use work out with each other, I have a chart that you can color in.

color-blank2 Click here to download it.


Overview crochet symbols

In the tutorials I use a couple of charts with crochet symbols. This helps to clarify the stitches you have to make, and where these stitches have to be made. I also show how to do the stitches in the videos, if it’s not clear. Here is the overview of the used symbols.

Chainchain Single-crochetsingle crochet
Double-crochetdouble crochet Back-post-double-crochetBack Post double crochet (BPdc)
Back-post-half-double-crochetBack Post half double crochet (BPhdc) Back-post-extended-double-crochetBack Post extended double crochet (BPedc)
bevestiging-met-naaldattachment by needle (chain)