The pattern

Love-Hope-JoyFor this CAL I designed a new block to practice the interwoven crochet technique and it is also used as a gauge swatch: the Love Hope Joy block. 

You can download the pattern here: click here.

The videos

I assume that you already are familiar with the interwoven crochet technique. If not, then please first do the tutorials that are on this website with the accompanying videos. Click here for the starting page for the superbeginners. Or look in the menu under Crochet, Crochet tutorials, Interwoven or locking crochet.

I also made extra videos for this block. I show the technique there in a fast way. I also show a bit in the tutorials for the blanket, but it’s better to master the technique first.

Part 1: the setup and row 1a:

Part 2: rows 1b to 2b:

Part 3: rows 3a and 3b, the color change and the border:

The link to the full play list on YouTube: