This is the famous rainbow pattern. In this pattern only the double right knot is used. The dotted part shows the complete pattern, that can be repeated several times until the desired length of the bracelet is reached.

Rainbow pattern
Rainbow pattern

Take care with the following description to look at the pattern on the left, to give you a good feeling about how you should read the pattern, so that you can just watch the patterns later on to understand what to do.

Used colors:
Red: 2214; Orange 2064; Yellow 2043; Green: 2577; Blue 2428; Purple 2327; Pink: 2262

1 Repeat of the pattern is about 2,5 cm (1 inch) long. For each repeat about 4 cm (1.6 inch) of thread is needed.

1. Start with placing the threads in the order as shown in the upper part of the picture. So, from left to right: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple and pink.
2. Start with making a full red row. Start on the left by making a double right knot around the orange thread, then around yellow, and so on till the last double right knot around the pink thread. The red thread is now on the right and the orange thread has become the first thread on the left.
3. Make double right knots with the orange thread, starting with working around the yellow thread and so on till at last around the red thread. The orange thread is now on the right and the yellow thread on the left.
4. Repeat this again and again with the thread that’s on the utmost left.
When the pink row is knotted, the threads are in the same order as at the start.
Repeat the pattern till the desired length and finish the bracelet.