Weaving on the bias on a pin loom: corner details for a single crochet border

For a while the last video in my pin loom weaving series! I will definitely be back with more, but I’m so into crochet and knitting at the moment, and making my own designs, that I want to do that first. Well, that’s what the Craftsteacher website and YouTube channel is all about: all kinds of crafts. I hope you enjoy a lot of different crafts too, it’s so fun to do something else now and then. At the moment I’m working on a lovely honeycomb shawl. And a crochet wrap with a simple wavy pattern. I made the video’s for them, and they are going to be edited by my dear husband. And of course the video’s on the crochet shawl that I showed in my last post are on their way, so keep on the watchout for all this new stuff.

But for now, the video! I have 2 pages on this website also that go along with this video, see here and here. So you can see everything step by step with a lot of pictures there also. Wishing you all a lot of fun again! See you around next time!

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