With the explanation of the basic knots (see Basic knots) I explained how to read the patterns and how to make the knots. With this description you can start designing your own patterns. You have to know that each thread that leaves a knot will be used to make a next knot. So it is important at which side you let the threads come out. Will they come out at the same side as they were originally (combination knots), or do they switch places (double knots)? And for a next knot you can make a choice each time which color you want it to have. The color of the left thread or the color of the right thread? Keep in mind that the knots in a new row partially overlap the knots of the previous row. They are not square blocks that lie in row.
Start working with the design sheets that you can download at the end of this page. I’ve made them is several sizes, so look which one suits your purposes best. The large sheets are suitable for the larger motifs. Take coloring pencils and go sit down comfortably at a place with good light and let your fantasy flow. The whizz-kids among us can fill in the colors on their computer or tablet. Play with color. Play with variations. Have fun, lots of fun!

Download designgrid 1 here.

Download designgrid 2 here (large).

Download designgrid 3 here (xlarge).

Download designgrid 4 here (xlarge landscape).