Welcome to the Hooked and Locked CAL 2020

<Edit May 1 2020: The patterns are  no longer available for free. You can buy them from my Ravelry shop (https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/sources/the-craftsteachers-ravelry-store). Please pay attention to which version you would like to purchase. The description in Ravelry tells you which version it is: the interwoven crochet version or the mosaic crochet version. I have left the link to the tutorial for the setup for interwoven crochet here. This will stay on the website for free. You can also find the link in the menu. At this moment the balanced mosaic knitting version is not yet available. It will be in the future, so keep an eye out on that in the shop!>

The Hooked and Locked CAL is just like the previous Hooked and Locked CAL of 2018 a project that is done in the interwoven crochet technique. This time I also offer it in the mosaic crochet technique! If I can manage it it will also be offered in balanced mosaic knitting, but you will have to see how that goes.

I assume this time you already know how to do interwoven crochet. If you’re new to this, then first follow the tutorials that are available on this website with the accompanying videos. Click here for the startpage for super beginners. Or see the menu under Crochet, Crochet tutorials, Interwoven or locking crochet. 

If you want to do the blanket in mosaic crochet, I also have tutorials for you: see the menu under Crochet, Crochet tutorials, Mosaic crochet. I also have accompanying videos with these.

Info about the blanket and the yarn

GarenI use Alize Cotton Gold for the crocheted versions with hooksize 4.0 mm. For the border of the interwoven crochet version you need hooksize 3.5 mm.

For interwoven crochet you need:

  • 8 balls of color 1: here Cherry, color 390
  • 8 balls of color 2: here Wool white, color 01

For the mosaic crochet version you need 1 extra ball of color 1.

Alize Cotton Gold is made of a combination of 55% cotton and 45% acrylics. The balls are 100 gram (3.53 oz) and have 330 meter of yarn (361 yards).

The size of the blanket in interwoven crochet is about 120 cm wide and 168 cm high. The size of the blanket in mosaic crochet is about 162 cm wide and 215 cm high without the border, with the border it is 166 cm wide and 219 cm high.

The facebook groups

For help and sharing the pictures of your progress, you can best join the groups on facebook for the Hooked and Locked CAL. Click here for the English group and  click here for the Dutch group. You will find people there that have done the previous CAL en are familiar with the techniques, so please post your questions there. These are fun groups with lots of nice and helpful people! I will hardly answer questions here on the website. And please share your pictures! It is such fun to see how your blankets come out with the yarns you have chosen!

Availability of the pattern

During the CAL the pattern parts will be downloadable for free from the website. I will also offer this as a paid pattern on Ravelry. There you will get the entire pattern. During the CAL this will be for a highly reduced price. I still have to see if I can manage to offer both the interwoven crochet version and the mosaic crochet version there, because of the limitations Ravelry has. But I will keep you updated about that, maybe I can solve that. After the duration of the CAL the downloads will be available for a while for free, but I will remove them May 1st. After that the patterns will only be available on Ravelry at the regular price.

Don’t loose your files!

I’ve seen with the previous CAL that people lost their downloaded files, and for a while I offered the parts for a small payment. This time we absolutely have no time for this, so please don’t loose them! Put it on your computer in a place where you can easily find them, or save them in the cloud, like on Google Drive, on OneDrive or in Dropbox. 

The release schedule

Below I give the schedule with the release dates. I need to make some reservations with this, because I will be moving in the coming period! Maybe even twice! So it’s possible that I will publish some parts a bit earlier, or maybe even a week earlier! I split up the pattern into 9 parts. 


The following parts are no longer available for free. See the information earlier on this page how to purchase the pattern.


Week 1: Februari 13 2020

Click here for the tutorial for the setup for interwoven crochet

Week 2: Februari 20 2020

Week 3: Februari 26 2020

Week 4: March 4 2020

Week 5: March 11 2020

Week 6: March 17 2020

Week 7: March 17 2020

Week 8: April 1 2020

Week 9: April 8 2020


Have lots of fun with this CAL!