3 Colors for casting on, how to do that? That’s what I was wondering about, after I learned how to do the versions with 2 colors. I started trying out things, and this is what I figured out. It is not that hard, but you really have to pay attention to the order of the colors that you fold over and keep in the middle. Remember to click on the pictures if you want to see them full size. Index I’ve spread the tutorials about casting on over several pages. Click on the links for each subject. The cast on basics: click here to goRead More →

Same technique, different effect At the previous page you saw how to do the cast on with 2 colors, where the sideways V-shapes where alternating with their colors. You could also do it a bit differently. The technique stays the same (so do that tutorial first if you haven’t done that yet), but starting off with the colors placed differently, gives different looks. In this tutorial I will show you the effect of 2 variations. The first variation is shown at the top of the page, the second one you can see below. Index I’ve spread the tutorials about casting on over several pages. ClickRead More →

Update 2020 August 13: this page will be filled very soon, in a couple of days. Please watch the videos about Taniko that are already on my YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL0tHWoXKpGCRcg2styl4lthrw6W06SscLRead More →

The first row to anchor the warp threads As you have been reading  in the introduction, you will work with weft and warp threads. In this tutorial I show you the ‘standard’ way of anchoring the warp threads. We will work with weft threads in 2 colors . I will also show how to vary with the threads, and how to use 3 threads. I have splitted the first tutorial into 2 parts. First I show the principle, so you get a clear idea on how this works, and after that I show you how to keep this into your hands, so you have controlRead More →

What is Tāniko? I won’t go into detail elaborately what Tāniko is exactly, for that I would advice you to get the books written about it. I actually want to focus on the technique, but I will give a short introduction what it is. Tāniko (this is the official way to write it, but you will also find it under Taaniko), is a finger weaving technique that’s developed by the Maori people in New Zealand.  It is among other things used for traditional clothing, often as a border, because the weaving actually creates quite a stiff cloth. You don’t need a loom for Tāniko. YouRead More →