Same technique, different effect

At the previous page you saw how to do the cast on with 2 colors, where the sideways V-shapes where alternating with their colors. You could also do it a bit differently. The technique stays the same (so do that tutorial first if you haven’t done that yet), but starting off with the colors placed differently, gives different looks. In this tutorial I will show you the effect of 2 variations. The first variation is shown at the top of the page, the second one you can see below.


I’ve spread the tutorials about casting on over several pages. Click on the links for each subject.

Steps for variation 1

50-twist-threadsTurn the threads around each other this way. This is at the half of both strands of yarn.

50b-twist-threadsNow bring the blue thread up.

51-step-1Here you see the blue threads are both on top at each side, and the green threads are on the bottom. Insert the first warp thread.

52-step-2Fold the left threads to the right and spread them.

53-step-3Bring the middle 2 threads to the left and add the second warp thread.

54-step-4Fold the left threads to the right and spread them.

55-step-5Bring the middle 2 threads to the left.

56-step-6Fold the first warp thread downover the two weft threads.

57-step-7Fold the left threads to the right and spread them.

58-step-8Bring the middle 2 threads to the left.

59-resultAnd this is the result! You see that all the top legs of the V-shapes are blue, and all bottom legs are green.

60-twisted-threadsWhen you would take the warp threads out, without undoing the weaving of the weft threads, you see that the strands of yarn of the same color are twisted around each other.

Variation 2

61-twist-threadsHere you start the same way as variation 1, but now you just leave the blue thread on the bottom.

62-resultsFollowing the weaving steps like normal, you will get the result as shown in the picture here.