Overview of the tutorials

This tutorial of the first 5 blocks is split into a couple of pages, so that you can go quickly to the page you need. Here you find the overview with the links.

  1. Choosing colors and crochet symbols: click here to go the page
  2. The practice piece: click here to go the page
  3. Block 1, the middle part: click here to go the page
  4. The low border around block 1: click here to go the page
  5. Block 2, the first 2 rows: click here to go the page
  6. Block 2, the interwoven rows and the end border: click here to go the page
  7. Block 3: click here to go the page
  8. Block 4, with stitches on the front in row 1a: click here to go the page
  9. Block 5: that’s this page
  10. The border: click here to go the page

The video

You can watch the video for this part here: https://youtu.be/nHM4mrWknVI.

Block 5

13-Block-05-color-2-insideThe chart for color 2. Look closely again to the cross overs between the blocks.

14-Block-05-color-1-insideThe chart for color 1.

01-first-3-BPdcWe will start working now along 3 blocks. 13 BPdc’s in total. Here the first  3 along block 2….

02-next-5-BPdcThen 5 along block 1….

03-next-5-BPdcAnd the last 5 along block 4.

04-entire-row-backOverview of all blocks at the back side.

05-frontOverview of all blocks at the front side.

06-block-finished-frontHere the whole block is crocheted. You can see at the bottom border that all the black stitches in color 1 are at the front of color 2.

07-block-finished-backThe back, without the low border.

08-with-low-border-hiddenThe front, with the low border hidden.

09-with-low-border-at-the-backThe back, with the low border around block 5.

This was the tutorial for de Hal Cal 2021: Log Cabin. There is still one other page with the tutorial for the border, so come back there if you have done all the blocks: click here to go to the border tutorial.

The tutorial pages will not be removed after the CAL, so you can always take a look later, and this applies to the videos also. 

The patterns of the next blcoks are downloadable during the CAL through the links on the overview page (click here to go to the overview).