The last patternfile of the Hooked and Locked Cal 2020: The Blocks is released

And it is done!

Wow! Time flies by! My life has been turned upside down. Well, first of all we moved out of our house, and are now staying in our temporary home until we can get into our new home, and secondly there is that nasty virus! Who would have guessed that this would become so bad. But we have to keep our heads up and be brave! We can do this! I know a lot of people are suffering, because they are separated from their loved ones, people have lost loved ones, people are sick, people have lost jobs. But there will be an end to this! We have to tackle this thing and share our love and be courageous and kind and helpful to others, because we are all in this together.

I have seen people posting that working on this blanket meant a lot to them, because they could keep themselves busy with something they like to do. That makes me grateful that God has given me a talent that I can share, so it brings joy to others. I am really really grateful for that!!! I hope that this will help all of you get through this time. Please share this as much as possible, because it’s still for free. So the love will be shared with lots and lots more!

Thank you for your kind words on Facebook, I love you all!

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  1. Thank you so much for the lovely pattrrns.

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