The Hooked and Locked CAL 2020: The Blocks has started

The start

It was a bit delayed because of personal circumstances, like I explained in my previous post, but here it is, the Hooked and Locked CAL 2020! This time not a design with rows of smaller designs, but a design with several designs put together in overlapping blocks. That’s why I gave it an extension to the name: The Blocks.

You can find all information here: Hooked and Locked CAL 2020 – Introduction and overview. You can do this design in mosaic crochet and interwoven crochet. I have an extra page to help you get through the setup of the interwoven crochet version, because I know that’s the most difficult part. 

Well, I hope you will enjoy this one again! It will be available for free from this website until the end of April, so please share this a lot with everybody!

Have fun!

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