HAL CAL 2018 now in mosaic crochet: as a free CAL!

The HAL CAL 2018 on repeat, now in mosaic crochet

Yep, you’re reading this correctly! I will do the HAL CAL of 2018 again. I hope the fans of interwoven crochet will not be too disappointed, because this is not a new design, but because it is for many of us a difficult and even hard time, and there are also people that find interwoven crochet difficult to do, I decided to do this. A couple of months ago I added more functionality to my software, so that I can create mosaic crochet pattern charts and descriptions from my interwoven crochet designs. I was planning on taking my patterns and making them available for this kind of crochet on Ravelry (as patterns to sell), but in this time it looked a nice gesture to you to give away the mosaic version of the 2018 CAL available for free for a certain time.

A superfast CAL

It will be a superfast CAL by the way! I split up the free version into 5 parts. I planned to publish the last part at the end of May, and the first part this week already . This has to do with the fact that we will get our new home at the end of May, so I will need all of my time then for cleaning, painting, and whatever needs to be done, so that half of June all our stuff can come from the storage. I do miss my stuff a bit, to be honest. I won’t complain, for I am a blessed person, and all of my loved ones are healthy, and this is the most important!

 Front and back side pattern!

Hooked and Locked CAL full back
Back view

When I was busy with the pattern charts and the descriptions, I remembered from the 2018 CAL, a lot of people liked the back side as well. Some of them even liked the back better than the front.

As you maybe know, when doing interwoven crochet, you automatically get nice patterns at the back. Some look quite like the pattern at the front, other patterns look totally different. With mosaic crochet you will get horizontal stripes at the back of your work in the two colors that you’re working with. This gave me the idea to also give you the descriptions and charts for the back side pattern. This means you actually get the patterns of two blankets. And for the creative ones amongst us you could mix them!

Free, but also as a pattern for sale

So keep an eye out here. I have already finished all files, but I do have to work on a separate page where you could download the files for free when they are published. I will put the link here as well when I’m ready!

Edit April 22: here is the link: Hooked and Locked CAL 2018 in Mosaic crochet

I also have this pattern for sale on Ravelry. There you can get the entire file with all pattern parts right away. I have a discount running on all of my patterns of 50% because of the crisis, and that also applies to this one! So if you have a lot of time being at home, and you want to work faster, or you just want 1 complete file, this will be an option for you too. Link to Ravelry: https://www.ravelry.com/designers/the-craftsteacher. The mosaic crochet patterns is called ‘HAL CAL 2018 in MoC‘.

More info will follow soon!


  1. Yes please i want to do this pattern with you. Please send me the link and want the intro for the yarn.
    Thank you,
    Helena Grubel

  2. Yes would like to do the pattern with you and preferably with a video tutorial

  3. Is there a coupon code for the 50% off?

    1. Author

      Sorry, the discount has ended already.

  4. hello.
    it is amazing!
    I just bought it on Ravelry.
    wanted to print it,
    It is easier for me to work from paper.
    I would not let me/
    something about “time is expired” ?
    please let me know how to print it out.
    thank you.

    1. Author

      Hi! It’s just a pdf you can download from Ravelry and that you can then print. If you have any trouble with downloading, then please contact Ravelry. There is not much that I can do if you’re having trouble with Ravelry. If they cannot help you, please send an email to info@thecraftsteacher.com.

  5. Ik wil graag het patroon… maarkan niet met credit kaart betalen .. alleen ideal.. hoe doe ik dat

    1. Author

      Sorry, Ravelry heeft geen optie om het op een andere manier te betalen. Je kunt het beste een familielid of een goede kennis vragen het voor je te betalen. En PayPal is trouwens super veilig en makkelijk. Je kunt het gewoon koppelen aan een bestaand Nederlands of Belgisch rekeningnummer. Is helemaal gratis, omdat de verkopers de kosten van PayPal betalen. PayPal staat in Nederland onder toezicht van de Nederlandsche Bank, net als alle andere financiële instellingen, dus het is absoluut veilig.

  6. Hi! Thank you for the beautiful pattern. Just wondering about the heart section. Row #76. The second line down has 1x // 7x //. I was wondering if it should be a 9x ? Your patterns are just beautiful! I have purchased a couple of them. I really love the mosaic crochet and look forward to making more of your patterns.

    1. Author

      Hi Pam, I didn’t hear previously about an error there. I would need to check it, but the pattern instructions are generated by my software, so I suppose the instructions are correct. I will check it for you!

  7. Good day, can I just do the normal mosaic crochet with the charts. I’m new to this and don’t want the interwoven / interlocking. I bought the pattern this morning.
    Thank you
    Sindy Smith
    South Africa

    1. Author

      Hi Sindy. Yes, it’s just normal mosaic crochet. Hope you have fun!

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