This tutorial is split up in several parts.

Row 5, color 1

The written instructions are: swdc || *(5x)* 2x || 11x || 1x || 5x || ewdc

The pattern chart:


We will go through the pictures now quickly. The way to do mosaic crochet will probably be clear by now, but this is just a bit extra for the ones that like an extra check.

First dc

swdc: start with dc

First set

*(5x)* 2x: 5 sc’s with a dc, twice

11 Sc’s with dc

11 sc’s with a dc

1 Sc with dc

1 sc with dc

5 Sc’s

The last 5 sc’s (without dc).

Last dc

ewdc: end with a dc

Row 6, color 2

The written instructions are: *(1x)* 3x || *(3x)* 2x || *(1x)* 4x || *(3x)* 2x || 1x || 1x

The pattern chart:


The first set

3 times 1 sc with  dc’s

Next set

2 times 3 sc’s with dc’s

Next set

4 times 1 sc with dc’s

Next set

2 times 3 sc’s with dc’s 

End of the row

The last 2. I know that the instructions actually had to be *(1x)* 2x, this is a little flow in my software that I need to fix later, but you will probably understand you have to do a sc twice, and that you don’t do a dc after the second sc. You have to end into the last stitch of the previous row with the last sc.


And here a picture of the entire piece, with a border.

More tutorials

I will make a tutorial about the ‘ folded border’. This is very simple to make! I will also do a tutorial about fixing errors. Look in the menu if they are already there!

For now I hope you found this a good tutorial. Also watch my videos with the tutorial!

The videos