This tutorial is split up in several parts.

Row 4, color 2

We will work again with color 2. In this row I also show how to do the instructions with the repeats in it. I explained this also at the introduction page, click here if you would like to read that again.

The written instructions are: *(1x)* 3x || *(3x)* 2x || *(1x)* 5x || 3x || *(1x)* 3x

The pattern chart:


Start met vaste

The instructions for the start of the row are: *(1x)* 3x. This means that you have to repeat what is in between the  *( and )*  3 times, each time followed by a dc. So now we will begin with a sc, a dc, a sc, a dc, a sc and another dc. In the picture you see the place where the first sc has to be made.

First sc

Here the first sc is made.

Position next dc

After this we will make a dc. You will go down to the row below it, and this time this will be the yellow row (color 2). In this case we already put the marker there, because since the first yellow stitch is covered by the green dc, it is easy to make a mistake.

First dc made

Here the first dc is made.

Next sc

We have to make a sc followed by a dc 3 times. We will skip the stitch after the yellow dc and make a sc into the next stitch.

First set done

Here we did the first set. 3 Sc’s with 3 dc’s. 

3 sc’s

The instructions now say: *(3x)* 2x. This means we will be making 3 sc’s with a dc, and doing that twice. Here the first 3 sc’s are made.

Dc after first 3 sc’s

Here you see that the next dc lays nicely in between the two green dc’s.

Second set done

Here the next 3 sc’s are made, followed by a dc.

Next set done

Click on the picture to see it fully.

We have done the next set of *(1x)* 5x, so 5 times 1 sc followed by a dc.

3 sc’s with dc

This is simply 3 sc’s followed by a dc, so no repeat.

Last set

Click on the picture to see it fully.

The row ends with *(1x)* 3x. Remember the rule that says that every row starts and ends with a sc, unless it explicitly says to do a dc. That is not told here, so you will make a sc, a dc, a sc, a dc, and then the 3rd sc into the last stitch of the previous row.

Cut the yarn and make the knot.

Row 4 is now finished.

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