Weaving on the bias on a pin loom: timelapse video time

Maybe you wonder: what is a timelapse video??? And why???

Repeating the content of the previous video’s

Well, in my previous video’s I already showed quite elaborately how to weave with a continuous strand of yarn on a pin loom. So it’s maybe a bit useless to repeat that all over again. But I used  yarn for these instruction video’s, that actually was too thin for weaving on this loom. On the other hand, you could see everthing quite clearly, and that is what I found the most important. This time, however, I wanted to show how it goes ‘for real’, when you work with yarns that are suitable. But to do that all over again with comments, it seemed a bit too much to me, so I thought: “You know what? I will just weave a piece, on camera, no chit chatting, and just show how it goes.’ But, that will take quite some time, from start to end! To the rescue, our camera has a nice feature: it can record timelapses. In that case it will not record every millisecond, but a lot less ‘shots’, and if you play it afterwards, you see everything in a accellerated way. It’s even quite clear!

Btw, I did not put music behind it. YouTube has facilities to do that, but I find it very annoying myself if there’s music I don’t like behind a video. So put on some music yourself of your own choice if you prefer that.

But also: finishing the ends neatly with bulky yarn!

At the end, at about 15 minutes, I added a part (in a normal tempo and with sound!) that’s about how you can finish off the ends in your weave neatly. With bulky yarns most of the times that is visible very quickly, so I have a simple trick to avoid that, so please watch that last part also.

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But now: today’s video:

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