Weaving on the bias on a pin loom: finishing with a crochet border

Hi everyone from a Winter Wonderland. It is snowing here! Very very early this year, to my opinion. Time to make warm shawls. Or wraps to keep us warm and feel comfortable. Weaving squares and triangles (see here) on a pin loom can be used to make these. I don’t have worked out patterns for these here on this website, but you can probably find enough examples on the internet to inspire you!

A crochet border
A crochet border

For now: a new video, about finishing edges with a crochet border. It’s optional, because you can decide not to use crochet borders, and just sew blocks together. But a crochet border can add a nice visual edging, it can also add some stability to open weave structures, and some people just find it easier for joining squares when they have crochet borders.

In this video I also show how to invisibly finish the end of the thread you use for the crocheting to the start, when you’ve gone all the way around. A very simple trick I learned from crocheting in the round. And at the end I show you how the end result looks.

Oh, and by the way, also a little chatting about the fact I used a double strand of yarn for weaving this piece. You saw me use a single strand of yarn for the first couple of instruction video’s, so you could see clearly what I was doing, and this is how it looks when you double the strands of yarn. In one of my next video’s I will show you how to work with thinner yarns in a different way!

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