Surface crochet on a filet background – part 2

This is part 2 about surface crochet. In my previous post, with the accompanying video, I showed how to do straight lines and which options you have doing that. You can also work in diagonal lines. That’s just a straight line too of course, but slanted 🙂 , so it probably won’t suprise you that this works much the same as what you saw me do in the previous video 🙂 . I do pay a bit more attention in this video on how to exactly count your stitches.  You could use that for the straight lines also, by the way. I also show how to do wavy or curvy lines. I go more free with that, I don’t count as much with that, but if you want to you could also count and shape that more consistently. 

Another thing I show is how you can use your background as kind of a canvas and use your surface crochet like a pencil to create patterns. I made a sample that I show and I just made that on the go, without using a pattern. You can work like a painter, let the moment inspire and lead you. I would like to invite you to just give it a try if you’ve never done that. You can have great results! Do this without thinking beforehand: ‘no way I can do this’, or: ‘that will never be beautiful’. Just do it. And if you really find it ugly, you can always take it out again. But just give it a try, it’s really fun to do. If you do this on a grocery bag made in filet crochet, it’s just worth to give it a try, don’t you think?

Sneak preview of  ‘The Freedom, not Perfection shawl’

In the video I show a bit of the shawl I made using surface crochet. So watch the video if you’re curious. I will release it very soon, maybe even today. But very soon anyhow 🙂 .

A nice thing that happened I would like to share with you: yesterday I was at my favorite local yarn supplier ( to show my shawl and buy some yarn for a new project (maybe even a CAL!!!!), and a lady passing by saw it and was so enthusiastic about it! She bought the yarn for the shawl on the spot when I told her I would publish the pattern one of these days. That was so great, isn’t it? For me personally, because it shows someone really likes it, but I am very pleased also that I can help my local yarn supplier. It’s a good thing to be able to help eachother, isn’t it? Something this world needs! And especially our local yarn stores, they often have a hard time!

The video

But, enough chit chat 🙂 . Here is the link to the video!

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