Here it is: The Freedom, not Perfection shawl! I am so pleased with this shawl, how it turned out! The colors, the drape, I just love everything about it! And so far I’ve heard only very enthusiastic responses on it. Sounds a bit, ehm, well, you know, not so very humble, but I would lie if I would say I’m not proud of it. I will not do very much talking about it on this blog post, because I wrote  all I wanted to share about it on the page here, or look for it in the crochet patterns menu. So go there, you will findRead More →

Freedom, not perfection Why I named this shawl like this? Well, with this shawl you do not use a pattern (except for the base, just simple filet crochet), but you go totally free! The curvy lines are made without thinking beforehand how to fill up the base. I started at the point at the right, and made curves all the way over the shawl, and with each curve I decided at that very moment where I wanted it to go, if it needed an extra stitch, or maybe take a stitch out. Oh, of course I frogged little parts when I didn’t like it, andRead More →

This is part 2 about surface crochet. In my previous post, with the accompanying video, I showed how to do straight lines and which options you have doing that. You can also work in diagonal lines. That’s just a straight line too of course, but slanted 🙂 , so it probably won’t suprise you that this works much the same as what you saw me do in the previous video 🙂 . I do pay a bit more attention in this video on how to exactly count your stitches.  You could use that for the straight lines also, by the way. I also show howRead More →