Hi, crafters of this world! Welcome to my journey!

Spring 2017, beautiful tree

Welcome to my new website! It’s exciting to start this new site. A journey that is starting, and I am full of expectation where it will lead me. Well, I’m not totally new ‘at the trade’, but this website is kind of a new start for me. I have an ‘about’ page where you can read a bit about me, but I also want to share a bit here. Okay, my intention is to share my knowledge and skills about the crafts I did in my life so far. And that’s a lot, ye be warned 🙂 . My husband once said that my greatest hobby is collecting hobbies :-). Well, maybe he’s right. Because I do like a lot of things! I am curious, I am excited when I see new things! Lots of smilies and lots of exclamation marks, I know. But it’s a way of expressing my feelings about the things I love. 

Well, what to expect. Blogs, video’s, pictures, tutorails, everything I need the feel to to share. About knitting, crochet, weaving with looms and cardweaving, knotting, tatting, kumihimo, patchwork and quilting. Embroidery, like cross stitch and Hardanger. And I will probably remember more after I posted this. If I run into new things that I find interesting, well, probably will share that too. Do you feel just as excited as I do reading this? That’s surely what I hope. Because it would be so great to bring joy to other people’s lifes. Because that is basicly what my purpose is. Bringing joy to the people in this world. Sounds a bit sixties and hippy maybe, but hey, isn’t that what the world needs? 

Well, that’s a start. My website is not finshed yet. I am working on the setup, and that’s a lot of work. So it is quite empty at this moment. I do have another website, that is for Dutch speaking persons, but I did take the time to translate my pages to English as well. The address is www.dehandwerkjuf.nl. So you can already go look there and switch to English. If you can read Dutch: it’s there. And I do have video’s on YouTube. They are in Dutch, but I already have a lot of subtitles in both English and Dutch: De Handwerkjuf YouTube channel. So switch to the subtitles if you’re interested. I made these video’s years and years ago, and had a lot of them just on my computer for years, and only ‘recently’ I uploaded the rest I didn’t upload earlier. But, technology has improved, and I want to target more on English speaking persons, so they will be edited with English voiceovers, better sound, and a bit more compelling where it’s possible. So, I will keep you updated the moment they will arrive on my new YouTube channel. And of course I’m working on new material.

So, if you will follow me, I say: welcome to my journey, glad you will be my companion! 

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