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This tutorial is split up in several parts.


I also made some videos for this tutorial. Click in the list below or look at the end of this page:

Practice piece and gauge swatch

This practice piece will also serve as a practice piece for the Hooked and Locked Cal of 2022! It is meant for practicing, but also to measure the yarn usage and the size of your work. I will use this as a reference for other projects also.

The pattern

Download the pattern here (click on this).

Yarns and hook

00-yarn-scheepjes-colour-crafterFor this tutorial I used Scheepjes Colour Crafter. For the video and the pictures here you see the colors 2012 Knokke (dark blue) as color 1 and 1019 Texel (light blue) as color 2. I’m using crochet hook 4.5 mm for this, 1 size larger than recommended on the ball, to get a flexible result.

The setup

The setup is just like regular interwoven crochet, because I don’t do solid squares in my patterns at the sides. I won’t dive deep into it here. Look at the tutorials here on the website and at the videos on my channel.   Or look at this video where I use the same setup for my christmas table runners and where I show this in detail if you’re not very familiar with the technique yet: The first row where we will do solid squares is in row 2a.

The rows 0a to 1b

I show here and on the next pages some pictures (screenshots from the videos) of the setup to row 3b. Click on the pictures to see them fully and full size.

01-row-0a-and-0b I always place markers into the stitches where the first dc will be made. The setup of row 0a is 37 chains, with a marker into stitch 35, and the setup of row 0b is 35 chains with a marker into stitch 33. Especially for crocheting row 1b the use of the marker is very handy, because counting back stitches from the hook is often hard to see.

02-row-1a-squaresI’m using the weaving through method here (see the video), so I first make all the squares (18 in total).

03-row-1a-woven-throughAfter this I weave the setup of color 2 through, following the instructions for row 1a.

04-row-1bIn row 1b all dc’s are made at the back.

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