Weaving on the bias on a pin loom: working with medium size yarns

You have these days, that you want to do something really nice. Because the christmas tree and all the other christmas decorations are gone, so the living room just looks so… you know, so… normal…. The weather is bad, it’s raining, it’s cold, no sunshine… So, time to compensate  🙂 . Why not take a look at your yarn stash, that always makes me very happy 🙂 , and find that beautiful yarn you once bought, and didn’t know what to do with. 

Well, I have a great idea here! Make a nice warm shawl, to cuddle up with, to wear when you really have to go out! You know I did the video’s about weaving on my pin loom with both bulky yarns and thin yarns, but what to do when the yarn you have is too thin to do the regular weaving, but also too thick to double it up? Make a new loom with a different nail spacing? Hm, might be an idea, but I have a much better solution, and I will show you that in the video that I published today! 

Next video in the pin loom series will be about making a triangle, so if you would like to make a triangular shaped shawl, watch for that one to come.

Other plans

A couple of posts ago I shared my plans with you on what I would like to do. Well, there has been a little change of mind in the order of what I would like to do first. Of course I will publish the video’s that I already made for the pin loom series! But I will be doing some crochet video’s as well. Especially the Dutch viewers that like to crochet, will probably have seen that Haakplein has a new CAL coming: Nostalgia. It’s filet crochet. That’s all I know for now of what is published so far. You can look them up on facebook.

I did a lot of filet crochet in the past! I had these Burda magazines in these days, the pre-internet time, and I remember the lovely large peacock pattern I did, and the set of the 4 Roman or Greek ladies, so lovely. I had some years that I didn’t do crochet, no knitting, and was totally into quilting and patchwork, and all kinds of embroidery like cross stitch, hardanger, and I got rid of a lot of my knitting and crochet stuff. Can you imagine I did that? I know, it’s pure horror 🙂 And it was probably then that I did my crochet pieces away! Okay, you cannot keep everything, although I do my best, you can ask my husband 🙂 , but oh boy, I wished I still had them! Yeah, life is tough, but now I can pick that up again to show you how to do that. So I will do some basic how-to-crochet tutorials, and how to do filet crochet. I don’t know yet if I will actually do the CAL also, because it’s a large piece and there’s quite some time and money involved. Totally worth it, time and money, so I will recommend it, but I can only do so much. So, let’s just see what I will do.

So, don’t be scared, I will definitely make more pin loom video’s, but just letting you know!

The video

So, the video! It has English subtitles, so if you prefer to read what I’m saying, you can switch that on! Have fun!



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