Introduction This stitch is kind of a brioche stitch and goes by different names. The Honeycomb stitch is the commonly used name. It’s a stitch that results in 2 layers. This gives depth and warmth, but also gives it gives it a drapiness that makes it very comfortable to wear. The back side of the stitch looks a lot like a garter stitch.  There are actually 2 ways to create this stitch. One way is using wraps, the other way is inserting your needle in a row lower than the usual row, the so called knit one below stitch. The wrap version has my preference,Read More →

Spring 2017, beautiful tree

Welcome to my new website! It’s exciting to start this new site. A journey that is starting, and I am full of expectation where it will lead me. Well, I’m not totally new ‘at the trade’, but this website is kind of a new start for me. I have an ‘about’ page where you can read a bit about me, but I also want to share a bit here. Okay, my intention is to share my knowledge and skills about the crafts I did in my life so far. And that’s a lot, ye be warned 🙂 . My husband once said that my greatestRead More →