Hi everyone, on this somewhat cold day! If I would have something to say about it, I would suggest to watch this video with some hot chocolate 🙂 . In this 3rd video I explain how I like to work, how I approach a design to actually make it. I like to work as long as possible with one working thread, this works the fastest and simplest – for me, that is -. I also explain why I don’t work in a circle yet. In short, go sit and relax, and watch this video on the couch with some hot tea or chocolate! And…, pleaseRead More →

Hi everyone! The second video, in which I explain how to knot the very first row, is published on my YouTube channel. This first row is a bit different compared to the rest, because you work towards the position of the threads that is needed for the rest of the pattern. Every other knot is making a turn, so you have to look closely to the design (see here for the patterns). I stumble a bit over my English, probably was a bit tired, so if that bothers you (I really do my best 🙂 ), please switch on the English subtitles! Wishing you a lotRead More →

The easy thing of this pattern is in the way the knots are made. Used Colors: Dark red: 2218; Silver gray 2791 Usage: 20 Repeats of the pattern is about 12,5 cm (5 inch) long. Description: 1. Start with placing the threads in the order as shown in the upper part of the picture. So, from left to right: gray, red, gray, red, gray, red. 2. Start at the rigth side with 2 double left knots with red around the gray and red thread. 3. Then at the left side make 3 double right knots with gray around the red, gray and red thread. 4.Read More →

” order_by=”sortorder” order_direction=”ASC” returns=”included” maximum_entity_count=”500″] The techniques I’ve shown so far were used to make bracelets. And of course that’s fun for young girls (and boys). But you can do so much more with this technique. It is simply a way to make nice motifs with a couple of threads. Why not go wider than the narrow bands? It will be nicer to work with thicker yarn if you don’t want to end up with a monks work, which will take you weeks or months to finish. Why not work in the round? That offers suddenly al kinds of applications. Make bookmarkers: use fine yarnRead More →

With the explanation of the basic knots (see Basic knots) I explained how to read the patterns and how to make the knots. With this description you can start designing your own patterns. You have to know that each thread that leaves a knot will be used to make a next knot. So it is important at which side you let the threads come out. Will they come out at the same side as they were originally (combination knots), or do they switch places (double knots)? And for a next knot you can make a choice each time which color you want it to have.Read More →