This probably is the most romantic part of this blanket: the hearts. I know some of you joined just because of this part 😀 . It maybe is also a challenge again. Not because it’s difficult, but just because you have to count more and keep your head with it. But it’s such a fun pattern to make. Frequently look to the frontside when working on the backside, because you will notice an error so much quicker there! I’ve added extra instructions with the pattern to help you keep on the right track with counting. So get your stitchmarkers already. Or some scrap threads, goodRead More →

Index Part 1, Intro and making central pattern wider: that’s this page Part 2, Making the central pattern smaller: click here to go to that page Part 3, Widen the borders: click here to go to that page Adapting the HAL CAL pattern: can it be done? I received the question of a couple of people if the pattern of the Hooked and Locked CAL could be made wider or smaller. At the introduction I said that you should keep to the number of stitches, because the pattern parts are made for that. But of course you can adapt it. It’s just not that IRead More →

Why this special This special is especially focused on ‘reading’ the pattern charts for woven crochet. In the facebook groups of the Hooked and Locked CAL people wanted to learn better how this goes exactly. During the video and also here on the website I did pay attention to it, but the focus on the crocheting, especially at the start, was too distracting. Of course there are the written versions of the pattern, but for those who are more visually focused I will dive into this more deeper here. Video The video for this subject can be found here. Or look at the end ofRead More →

Fun to see how it goes! It is so great to see how it goes with the previous 2 parts, the bottom border and the crosses.  It is not really visible here on the website, but on the facebook groups a lot of pictures are shown  (sorry for the ones who follow this without facebook). It is clear that the setup for most people is something that you have to bite through a bit, but after that the crocheting is delightful. And I’m happy to see almost everyone experiences it this way. It is also very nice for me to notice that all the materialsRead More →

Are you ready? Because here we go! We will start today with the pattern of the big blanket.  It was so nice to see how you worked on the practice piece. For most of you the start was a doorstep that had to be taken,  but almost everyone agreed that once you got it how to do this, it wasn’t very difficult after that. So if you still have doubts, or if you didn’t manage to do it yet, please don’t give up. And maybe you will succeed with the new video’s. A slightly different way of crocheting row 1 In the first video ofRead More →

Index for part 1 Intro and setup: click the link to go to that page Row 1:  click the link to go to that page Row 2 and further: that’s this page  How to use the next pages of the pattern From this page on I will give you the links where to download the patterns. I will also provide collages of pictures that show you how it looks when you’ve finished your row. Pictures of the side that you’ve been working on, and pictures of the other side, so you can check if what you’ve done looks the same. I’ve made close ups of the start,Read More →

Today is the day! We will start! Months of preparing, trying things out, designing, drawing and crocheting, thinking of how to setup the video’s, how I wanted to do the tutorials for the website pages, making pictures, writing pattern descriptions, today is the release of all that work. Not that I’m finished, because we still have a couple of weeks to go, but it was all such big fun to do. Yes, I am slightly nervous, because the interest is overwhelming, and so many people are looking forward to do this, that I still feel perplexed. But I’m walking around with a big smile 🙂Read More →

Tadaaaa! It is coming! The Hooked and Locked CAL, or in short the HAL CAL. Today I’m officially announcing it. The HAL CAL learns you how to do the Interwoven or locking crochet technique. A technique that is not difficult at all, you will be able to master this very quickly! When does the CAL start and end The start is planned on September 20 2018. We will then start with the practice piece, and then I will publish a new part each week, so that the planned end date will be December 13. This way everyone, that wants to give this blanket as aRead More →

Finishing loose ends. When you’ve already started with something new, your focus is usually with the new stuff, but if you want to end a previous project with a good feeling, you will have to finish these last ends. This is true for crafting projects, but also when you make video’s. And this was also the case for the video I released today 🙂 . You may have seen I’m busy with preparing a CAL, and that is so fun to do! An amazing lot of work, it really is, but so fun to do! But I told I would also do a video aboutRead More →

Video number 4 in the series about filet crochet with a large mesh is published today. I wanted to have a more steep border for the V-shaped neckline of my vest. And the slanted decrease of 1 hole of the mesh over 1 row, as I showed you in the previous video, was not suitable for it. So I figured this out myself also, because I really couldn’t find it on the internet. And this is also very simple! You only have to remember to distribute the decrease over 2 rows. You probably won’t forget very quickly when you’ve done the first part of theRead More →