Announcing the Hooked and Locked CAL

Tadaaaa! It is coming! The Hooked and Locked CAL, or in short the HAL CAL. Today I’m officially announcing it.

The HAL CAL learns you how to do the Interwoven or locking crochet technique. A technique that is not difficult at all, you will be able to master this very quickly!

When does the CAL start and end

The start is planned on September 20 2018. We will then start with the practice piece, and then I will publish a new part each week, so that the planned end date will be December 13. This way everyone, that wants to give this blanket as a present for Christmas, can finish it in time. And if you want to keep it just for yourself, it will be finished before it really starts getting cold! The release days are on thursdays  (Amsterdam time).

Sneak preview

In the picture above you can already see the first half of the blanket. If you look closely you can already see a lot, and that’s maybe a little bit unusual for a CAL. But for a lot of you I’m quite an unknown designer, so I want to pull you over the line a bit to step into this. And the second half, that I’ve finished designing, will still be a secret.

What to expect during this CAL?

Yarn used

Alize Cotton Gold
Alize Cotton Gold

I’ve used Alize Cotton Gold for this blanket. You will need 8 balls of 100 grams for color 1 and 8 balls for the other color. I used color numbers 01 and 279, but of course you can use any combination you like. Mine has a bit of a Greek appearance, but you can also do it in warm fall colors. The only thing that’s important is that the colors have enough contrast to take care the motifs stand out well.

You can order this yarn at De Wolman (click here for his website). He’s also standing on a couple of markets (see the website), so you can touch the yarn and see it if you have the opportunity.

Stitch markers
Stitch markers

Next to this you need a lot of stitchmarkers, preferably in many different colors. I made detailed instructions for the setup, and for the patterns that need more counting, where I use them a lot , so that you hardly can go wrong.

Introduction video

I made a little video to introduce this CAL with you. So you can see the blanket (the first half) and I also tell what you’ve been reading above. So take the time to watch it for a moment: is fun!

And then I will see you at the start on September 20!


  1. I LOVE THIS. Is it Swedish weaving?

    1. Author

      No, it’s interwoven or locking crochet. I heard more people say it looks like weaving :-). Well, you’re weaving two layers of filet crochet in a certain way, so it’s kind of both 🙂 . I’m a weaver myself, so I understand the confusion 🙂 .

  2. Very interested in this but just started another big project. How long will the pattern be available pkease?
    Is it free and will it continue free?
    Do I need to download while it’s available.
    Looks stunning.

    1. Author

      It will be available until somewhere half januari 2019. After that it will only be for sale. The tutorial steps will stay here, so that’s also the start of the blanket. So download while you still can 🙂

  3. I have another question, the picture on the facebook page was purple, but the CAL uses blue. I really loved the purple on the facebook page. Is it the same pattern

    1. Author

      The facebook page is also in blue and white. Probably the light that makes it seem a bit purple. But it’s all one pattern.

  4. I saw this for the first time today can I still get the pattern from the beginning? It’s a beautiful pattern, can I get a copy so that I can start it after I’ve finished what I am now working on?

    1. Author

      You can download everything for free until somewhere half januari 2019. After that it will be for sale.

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