Interwoven crochet in the round and the flat join: new tutorials

Interwoven crochet in the round


Have you already done interwoven crochet, but would you want to get the effect of this picture? This is possible, without complicated color changes! You can do this by doing interwoven crochet that is done in the round. I have made a quite elaborate tutorial here on the website, with lots and lots of pictures, drawings and a lot of explaining. I do the tutorial using the pattern shown on top of this blog. The pattern of Starburst will be published later, so please have a little bit more patience for that.

I have 3 videos that go along with it, the links to them can be found on the tutorial pages.

But not only that!

Because in the tutorial I also show how you can use a flat join, to attach blocks that are made this way. I also put that in a tutorial on the website with a video!

I hope you will have fun again with this!

Click here to go to the tutorial!

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