Decreasing straight up: next video in a series about filet crochet with a large mesh

Today the 2nd video in a series about filet crochet with a large mesh is published. This is the video in which I show you how to decrease at the start and at the end of a row. Especially the decrease at the end of a row will be one you will remember the best 😀  😀  😀 , but decreasing at the start of a row, without cutting off your yarn, is a little bit less obvious. Very simple also, by the way! Of course I was a little bit pigheaded, and didn’t use this decrease in my vest. I cut off the yarn and attached it again at the spot where I wanted to continue with my pattern, but that was a well thought through decision. I will always advice that: a pattern is most of the times very well thought through by the designer, so think carefully before changing something to the pattern, but if you really think it’s better to do something a bit different, just do it. You can almost always, if you do not like the result, take it out again. In this case this was my own design, so I just could do what pleased me  😛  😛  😛 .

Oh yes, if you didn’t read my previous post: there is also a complete written tutorial on my website: click here to go there.

Okay, the talk so far 🙂 , and then now the link to the video. I hope again it is a fun and informative tutorial! 

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