This tutorial is split up in several parts because of the many pictures.

The second row

In the second row owe will do the increases at the corners the same way as with the first row. We will use the markers that are very handy placed into the previous row.

First of all I start again somewhere at the middle of a rwo with a standing sc. In this case I started at the top. It doesn’t have to be halfway, it just has to be a bit before the corner.

Arrived at first corner

Here I arrived at the last stitch just before the corner. The marker is still into the last stitch of the previous row.

First increase corner

Here I dd the increase into the last stitch, so 2 sc’s into the last sc of the previous row. I put the marker into the last made stitch of this side.

Second increase corner

Here I did the increase into the first stitch of the next side and put the marker into the first stitch. Do this again at every corner until the entire row is done. I closed the row invisibly again with the duplicate stitch.

2nd Row done

The 2nd row is done.

The third and fourth row

3rd Row done

Repeat this again for the 3rd row.

4ft Row done

And once again for the  4th row. The border is now high enough and we will now start doing decreases.

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