The last video with the basic steps about weaving on the bias on a pin loom is published! So, now you can, if you’ve waited for it, finish your weaving. In this video I also give attention to how to check if you didn’t skip nails, or maybe even put two threads over a nail. You can always correct that as long as the weave is on the loom. In one of the next video’s I will show how to finish the edges with a crochet border, but you can also just take it off just like it is. I will also later pay attentionRead More →

In this video I show you how to do color changes. I first intended to do 1 video, together with the previous and the next video that is to come, But that would be a very long video then, so I cut it up in parts. Color changes often give a very nice effect. Especially if you have some yarns in a solid color that you don’t particularly like. Together with other yarn it suddenly becomes so much more interesting. Of course, working with a variegated yarn is fantastic, but you don’t have the end result entirely in control. I like that also very much,Read More →

In the previous video that I published, I explained how to make a pin loom yourself. Of course you can also buy one, but making one yourself is not that hard, and it is very cheap. In this video, part of a series of 3, I will show you the first steps of how to weave with a continuous strand of yarn. I split up the original video in 3 parts, because it would get very long! In the next video I will show you how to do color changes, and in the last of these 3 I will show you how to end. IRead More →

Hi everyone! I’m busy with preparing a new series of video’s for weaving on a pin loom. The video’s are being edited, and the first one is finished (see link below)! I explain in it how I made my pin loom. I tried to put a little humor in it, because these nails… 🙂 🙂 🙂 . For the ones who prefer written instructions or would like to read it after watching the video, I wrote a tutorial. You can find it here. I added a bit more details in that. You can also find this tutorial in the menu permanently, because this blog-post will maybeRead More →

I wanted to give you an update on what I’m working on. Because there’s something new coming! This time about weaving, but on a small weaving frame that you can make yourself, and for very little money. I told in a previous post that I was working on a Zoom Loom, so that will come also, but in the process of weaving, experimenting with different kinds of yarns, making patterns and working them out, I also found out a lot about other pin looms. And I liked that a lot too. So I first did some video’s on that, they are being edited, so itRead More →