A new video about crocheting a wave pattern

Today I published a new crochet video. This time it’s about a simple wave pattern that is very suitable for beginners. I use a lot of stitchmarkers for it, so it actually cannot go wrong with this pattern. You hardly have to think doing this. If you consistently use the stitchmarkers as I show you, and count the stitches each time, or as often as you want, then this shouldn’t have to be a problem at all. The used stitches are very simple also: chains, double crochets (US) and double crochet 2 together. That’s all. 

I’ve again made a written tutorial with it, you can find that in the menu or by clicking here. So if you prefer that, you can look at that also. You can also find the pattern chart on that page, so you can download and print it and hold it next to the video to follow it, if you don’t have much experience yet in reading crochet charts.

And as I often ask, if you like the video, please give it a thumbs up and subscribe to my YouTube channel. This is for me a nice feedback, and if I will finally have enough watching time and subscribers, I can hopefully gain a little money with it in the future. Thanks in advance!


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