Hi everyone, on this somewhat cold day! If I would have something to say about it, I would suggest to watch this video with some hot chocolate 🙂 . In this 3rd video I explain how I like to work, how I approach a design to actually make it. I like to work as long as possible with one working thread, this works the fastest and simplest – for me, that is -. I also explain why I don’t work in a circle yet. In short, go sit and relax, and watch this video on the couch with some hot tea or chocolate! And…, pleaseRead More →

Hi everyone! The second video, in which I explain how to knot the very first row, is published on my YouTube channel. This first row is a bit different compared to the rest, because you work towards the position of the threads that is needed for the rest of the pattern. Every other knot is making a turn, so you have to look closely to the design (see here for the patterns). I stumble a bit over my English, probably was a bit tired, so if that bothers you (I really do my best 🙂 ), please switch on the English subtitles! Wishing you a lotRead More →

This is a design for a little bag, to put pencils or make-up in, or for whatever you would like to use it for. It doesn’t have a zipper yet on this photo, but you can add that for a closure or make a closure with small buttons for example. I did some blogging on this website about the entire design process (see here for the start), and about the steps making this (see here for the start). I also have some video’s on my YouTube channel, in which I show you every step, from start to end, how to make this little bag.  HereRead More →

The lower border Almost finished! I want to share some last things with you. You can see in this picture that I ended at a certain length.  I had enough yarn left to continue for a couple of rows, but I thought it as ok actually. The bag had a nice depth for what I want to use it for, so time to end it. To get a straight lower border, you must first get all knots in a straight line.  With the colored block this is done by knotting half blocks. At the yellow parts you can see I did a row of 4Read More →

Oh dear…. Well, not really 🙂 . I ran into a ‘problem’, like I already mentioned in a previous post. As you can see in the picture here, I used a lot more of the purple yarns than I used for the other colors. At this point I had approximately 50 cm (20 inch) left of the purple threads, and about 70 cm (28 inch) of the other colors. Well, this is not exactly my very first design, so I could have foreseen this. I know that making a knot uses more length of your thread, than when you make a knot around this threadRead More →