In this pattern the double left knot is introduced. The dotted part shows the complete pattern again, that can be repeated several times until the desired length of the bracelet is reached. Again, pay attention to the pattern on the left while following the description, to give you the feeling how to read and interpret the pattern, so that later on you only have to see the pattern to understand what to do. Used colors: Green: 2574; Pink: 2211; Blue 2340; Purple 2307 Usage: 7 Repeats of the pattern is about 9 cm (3.5 inch) long. For each repeat about 5 cm (2 inch) ofRead More →

On the next pages you will find patterns to learn how to make bracelets, but also how to read the patterns and what method to follow, step by step. And a basis for making your own designs. Check the menu to go to the pages with the instructions.Read More →