In my previous post I shared the series of video’s for making the honeycomb brioche stitch. But you can also make that stitch in a different way, a way I found in old knitting books. And I like to try out things, so I wanted to see which way I preferred to do this. And I will be honest, I liked the method with the wraps better. But I could do the knit-one-below version, so I decided to record that way of doing this stitch also. Maybe you prefer to do it this way. Could be, couldn’t it? What is this knit-1-below stitch? Well, theRead More →

Introduction This stitch is kind of a brioche stitch and goes by different names. The Honeycomb stitch is the commonly used name. It’s a stitch that results in 2 layers. This gives depth and warmth, but also gives it gives it a drapiness that makes it very comfortable to wear. The back side of the stitch looks a lot like a garter stitch.  There are actually 2 ways to create this stitch. One way is using wraps (see that on this page), the other way is inserting your needle in a row lower than the usual row, the so called knit one below stitch. That’sRead More →

Hi you all 🙂 I published a video about a yarn review recently, and I mentioned I would also do a knitted scarf with it. I know, on this side of the world where I live spring is already here, but hey, it will be winter again, and maybe you live on the other side of the world, which will make this very timely 🙂 🙂 🙂 . So, here it is: the video’s I made for it, a tutorial of the honeycomb brioche stitch that I used for it, and the accompanying page here on the website, in case you like to have aRead More →