Preview of the spinoff designs of the Ardeco CAL that will be published soon

Above you can see a preview of the patterns that I will be publishing soon. These are so-called ‘spinoff’ patterns of the Artdeco CAL 2024, which I made because not everyone wants to crochet a blanket, but prefers to do a smaller project. The picture above shows the runners that you can use for the foot of your bed, but which in finer yarn are also beautiful as a table runner. And of course you can also use it as a wide shawl or scarf. Consider a fine mohair yarn for this. I have also made some less wide variants if you prefer a slightly narrower shawl. See the pictures below.

The overviews above and below show the variations made for interlocking/interwoven crochet with diagonal lines. For the time being, they are not made for mosaic crochet, and that is for the same reason as I explained on the information page of the mosaic crochet version of the Artdeco CAL. If you want to read about that, click this link here.


Design variations without slanted lines


Also for those who prefer not to make the variants with the slanting lines, or who would like to make the patterns in mosaic crochet, I have made variations that are taken of the blanket without the slanting lines. So these patterns will be published for both interlocking and mosaic. Here too I made the wide runner variants (see above) and the narrower shawl variants (see below).

wraps without slanted lines

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