Hi! Although almost all information is on the info page of the interwoven version (click here), I decided to make an extra page with some explaining. So please continue to read.

No information about yarn usage yet, but publishing nevertheless

I know, a bit strange maybe, but I will explain why I have chosen to publish the mosaic version despite not being 100% ready.

The making of this blanket, with all pattern descriptions and charts of each block has been a tremendous lot of work. Next to that I made lots of videos, as well for interwoven as the mosaic version. And that always takes way more time than I think. In one of my (Dutch) videos I say ‘it’s now the end of January….’, and now it is the end of April already! This had partly to do with the fact that I originally planned to release the videos much sooner, together with the practice piece, which was also a lot of extra work. Gradually I decided to release all this at the introduction of the CAL, so I let it wait.

I crochet my patterns myself. This takes a lot of time for a blanket, no surprise here 🙂 . I did this for the interwoven version, so that I could check my yarn usage quite good. I calculate a lot based on previous experiences with the yarn I use, so I had a nice check. For the mosaic practice piece I measured the yarn. But this is not enough to have a sufficient amount of data for the entire blanket. The ‘problem’ with mosaic crochet is dat each pattern uses a different amount of yarn, because the pattern defines how many single crochets and how many double crochets have to be made. I do have an indication of previous blankets in mosaic crochet, but these were not done in the round. Is this so very different then? No, but I really want to check double! And this takes time! So you will need to wait a couple of weeks for this.

What is available?

practice_piece_mosaic_NEWAll other information is available! The practice piece, the videos, the pattern charts and accompanying written instructions for mosaic crochet! And it will all come together with the free downloads and also with the paid pattern! With my other CALS I offered the mosaic and interwoven version separately on Ravelry. This time I will offer them together.  So you will only pay once for both versions! As soon as I have the yarn usage available, I will add that to the downloads. If you’ve bought the pattern Ravelry will inform you when something changes to the downloads. 

Link to the practice piece: click here.

Does it look the same as the interwoven example?

Well, of course mosaic crochet has a different structure, that is definitely true. But do compare the pictures of the two practice pieces. Doesn’t look so much different, does it? I find interwoven to have a more ‘defined and bold’ look, mosaic has a more ‘delicate’ look. Both are beautiful!

I figured out a way to do the setup for the center of the mosaic version that makes it look exactly the same as the interwoven version! The patterns of other designers are mostly done with one color in the center, which is actually a bit easier, but that would have meant I had to alter the patterns if I would do it that way. And that was not what I wanted, because I wanted to make it exactly the same. So simply try it, especially if you’ve done mosaic crochet in the round earlier.

Do interwoven anyway?

back interwoven version

If you look deep into my heart, I say: do this! Because, when you see the back of the interwoven version, you will see this is also very beautiful! Really worth doing this! I’ve heard this from everyone that I showed my blanket, they are amazed every time that you get such a fun result on both sides with the interwoven technique.

I sometimes hear people find doing interwoven hard. But when the coin drops, it is so easy! Really. The very first time I did an interwoven project, in 2018, I was a bit scared I made something that was too hard to do. The technique was fairly unknown at that time. When I read the comments at the start of that CAL, I sometimes felt really discouraged. But then the comments started coming of people that persevered! And almost without exception they were very enthusiastic! I therefor want to encourage you to take a look at the videos! Just try it, there’s no hurry. Surely, I do recommend to start with the beginner tutorials, and you can try the practice pieces of the previous CALs. These are all available on the website, with accompanying videos. But maybe you will find interwoven in the round easier! I really tried to explain it as clear and simple as possible, although I assume that you are already familiar a bit with interwoven crochet. So, give it a try!

Wishing you lots of fun crocheting this blanket!