This wrap is really supersimple, and with the method I will teach you it can’t go wrong. The pattern itself is very easy to do, because it only consists of double crochets (US-terminology) in a simple short repeat that will be repeated each row. By using stitchmarkers in a clever way you can take care you will hardly make mistakes. And that’s very nice when you make a very wide wrap, because you don’t have to frog long long rows. You can use yarn in a plain color, but it’s more beautiful to use a yarn yarn with long color changes. This makes the wavesRead More →

It wasn’t really planned when I designed this shawl, a bit unexpected actually, but I now have my first officially published crochet pattern on this website. I designed patterns before I just used for myself, but this feels like my first official one. I made video’s of it, they are published on my YouTube channel (links at the end of this post), and I also made a tutorial page for it (see here). So have a lot of fun!  Read More →

Terminology I used the US terminology for the crochet stitches. See here how to translate: US single crochet = UK double crochet US double crochet = UK treble The Compound Starting Double Crochet Instead of making 3 chain stitches at the start of a new row, which will count as a ‘starting double crochet’, you can also use another way of making a ‘starting double crochet’ by making two single crochets (SC) on top of each other. This makes a bit thicker double crochet (DC), which will also take care of filling the gap that you will get when using 3 chain stitches as a starting DC.Read More →