This wrap is really supersimple, and with the method I will teach you it can’t go wrong. The pattern itself is very easy to do, because it only consists of double crochets (US-terminology) in a simple short repeat that will be repeated each row. By using stitchmarkers in a clever way you can take care you will hardly make mistakes. And that’s very nice when you make a very wide wrap, because you don’t have to frog long long rows. You can use yarn in a plain color, but it’s more beautiful to use a yarn yarn with long color changes. This makes the wavesRead More →

It wasn’t really planned when I designed this shawl, a bit unexpected actually, but I now have my first officially published crochet pattern on this website. I designed patterns before I just used for myself, but this feels like my first official one. I made video’s of it, they are published on my YouTube channel (links at the end of this post), and I also made a tutorial page for it (see here). So have a lot of fun!  Read More →

You’ve probably seen my wrap or shawl made with Alize – Superlana Maxi – Long Batik in a trapezium shape, but if you prefer to make a rectangular shape, you can do that with some minor adjustments. You can find all information about the yarn here. I made a little piece to give you an idea how it looks then. In the pattern I used 8 stitches in a row, but of course you can change that to your own likings. You can make short rows, so that you will crochet your shawl lengthwise, but you could also make your rows long, so that you willRead More →

  The pattern This wrap or shawl is made with reliëf stitches, that give it a beautiful structure, but because of using triple crochets, the shawl still has a certain airiness. The shawl can be worn with both sides showing, two different looks, but both just as beautiful. To be honest: I don’t know myself which side I prefer.  2 Balls of this yarn are used (500 grams, 17.64 oz), which gives the shawl a bit of a ‘heavy’ feeling, but it is still feeling supple because of the airy structure. Also, this shawl is crocheted askew, which gives the shawl a further suppleness. ARead More →