Finishing loose ends. When you’ve already started with something new, your focus is usually with the new stuff, but if you want to end a previous project with a good feeling, you will have to finish these last ends. This is true for crafting projects, but also when you make video’s. And this was also the case for the video I released today 🙂 . You may have seen I’m busy with preparing a CAL, and that is so fun to do! An amazing lot of work, it really is, but so fun to do! But I told I would also do a video aboutRead More →

Video number 4 in the series about filet crochet with a large mesh is published today. I wanted to have a more steep border for the V-shaped neckline of my vest. And the slanted decrease of 1 hole of the mesh over 1 row, as I showed you in the previous video, was not suitable for it. So I figured this out myself also, because I really couldn’t find it on the internet. And this is also very simple! You only have to remember to distribute the decrease over 2 rows. You probably won’t forget very quickly when you’ve done the first part of theRead More →

Sorry guys! And girls 🙂  I planned to publish this last Saturday, but this Craftsteacher is also a mum of 2 lovely daughters, and my eldest needed some help, and well, in that case the rest of the world just has to wait. And, although I’m not very superconsistent with it, I do try to keep the Sunday as a day of rest. For me this means going to church in the morning, listening to interesting speakers and singing for my God, and then the rest of the day for other activities.  Not that I’m not working on my crafts, that really is something thatRead More →

Today the 2nd video in a series about filet crochet with a large mesh is published. This is the video in which I show you how to decrease at the start and at the end of a row. Especially the decrease at the end of a row will be one you will remember the best 😀  😀  😀 , but decreasing at the start of a row, without cutting off your yarn, is a little bit less obvious. Very simple also, by the way! Of course I was a little bit pigheaded, and didn’t use this decrease in my vest. I cut off the yarnRead More →

Today is the day! The series of video’s about doing filet crochet with a mesh with large squares will be published these next days, starting today with how to crochet the base. In this series there will also be video’s how to do decreases, as well as straight up as slanted, in 2 different ways. The written tutorial is already finished entirely, so you can find that already by clicking here, but the accompanying video’s will be released these next days. I realized I totally forgot to think about doing increases, and that’s because I didn’t need that for the vest I was making. Ehm, yes,Read More →